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Static website design

Static website design

We all have heard about GitHub and cactus named websites, of course, these are very popular and had a great result on search engines. So, these two are based on static web designs. Not only these, but there are also many more sites. Let's learn about these static websites more thoroughly.

What exactly static websites design is?

So, the static website generally contains fixed content with definite web pages. These web pages are designed with the help of templates. And because of these templates, it becomes very easy for us to update several pages in just one simple step or just in a sec! And pages in static websites are coded with HTML language. And these pages are displayed to every visitors visiting the site. This is honestly one of the simplest and easiest websites to implement and use.

These static websites can easily be built up with the help of HTML and publishing these HTML codes to the webserver. As we know this kind of websites is mainly the set of fixed code, so these are not changed or updated unless one update it manually with the help of webmaster. This kind of websites works completely good with small websites, and cause difficulties in making large websites that contain a number of pages, due to which large websites generally contain dynamic style if web designing. These are very helpful in giving a consistent layout throughout the whole site.

And they are completely different from the design of the dynamic website, which always requires

Web programming and database design.

Here the question arises, how static websites design is different from dynamic website design?

So, from the above statement, we concluded that there is mainly two types of web design.

One, Static web design that is very normally written in HTML and these are displayed to the user on a web server. And secondly, dynamic web design, it is basically that form of web design that is written using server language. And these server languages mainly contains PHP, CSS, ASP, JSP or ColdFusion.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's have a look over these ;

Pros of static websites designing:

  • It is very easy to develop.
  • It is cheap to develop
  • It is way too cheap to host.

Cons of static websites designing:

  • It is not as useful as the other websites are for users.
  • It mainly requires the web development expertise to update the site always.
  • In this way of static website design, the content can get stagnant.

But why static website design is important?

Here are some of the reasons why should one prefer static manner if web designing.

SPEED -  speed is one of the main features that your website should have. In the absence of a database, it becomes easy to load the data and speed up the performance. It also serves as the closest  to the browser due to which fast speed is something which is the key factor. And without this one can not run the site easily.

PRICE AND HOSTING - static website generally works over HTML and hence it takes lesser space, due to which it is cheaper than the dynamic website design.

SECURITY - static website requires no plugins and database due to which the code injection is minimal. In this java is used for the function handling and also eliminates the chances of hacking.

RELIABILITY-  It gives you an error-free environment. You have not to face the situation like a database couldn't establish. The website may not go down even after the use of a few hours.

Isn't these all-important to us! Yes, of course, they are. And these can't be neglected. If you want to have more traffic and attract a more specific audience. You need to have these in your website design. And this will not only enhance your traffic rate but also give a large increment in sales. So, why be late? Grab the key and build one for your firm too!

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