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CMS-Based Website Development

CMS-Based Website Development

What is CMS based web development? Before knowing about CMS based, we should first know what is web development. So, web development is basically developing websites for hosting via the internet or intranet. It includes the process of web design, web content development, network security configuration and many more. Now, what is CMS? CMS or Content Management System is basically an application that manages the content of a website like text, image, video, audios. You can easily create your CMS with an intermediate knowledge of web development.

You need to be a pro in this. In this fast and technical world, the CMS is often used for enhancing the website. It mainly checks where the content needs to be changed. Moreover, it already comes with an administration section. And with the help of the administration section, one can easily edit, add or remove the text content and images from the website. So, you need not pay heavy amounts to the HTML developers for updating your content on your website. It is a simple technique to enhance the structure of your website via the internet.

Features of CMS based development

Following are some of the content important features of CMS based web development

  1. It is very fast, flexible to use, and free of any cost.
  2. It is designed in a user-friendly manner and is complete- featured.
  3. It is 100% secured. You need to worry about any privacy issue or security management.
  4. It is very easy to manage in an effective way. This can be accessible to everyone without any further difficulties.
  5. It provides excellent support for the developers.
  6. It gives Multi-lingual support.
  7. It provides mobile publishing as well.

DRUPAL - It offers flexible post creation and supports multilingual sites. It provides a taxonomy system and boasts top-notch security for your website and gives you advanced user management.

JOOMLA - Its excellent support including multilingual support. It supports every page type using specific templates.

WORDPRESS - It includes intuitive publishing and content management. It Formats your content easy and has a strong and vibrant community.

DOT CLEAR - It is very simple to use and very simple to set up. It generally supports simple HTML and wiki syntax. It also gives an RSS feed for your site.

Not only these and there are many more that are associated with this.

But why should one prefer only CMS based web development?

Following are the reasons to prefer CMS

  1.  Most of the CMS have their open-source version and these are supported by active communities.
  2. It supports the Search Engine friendly URLs.
  3. Most of these CMS based web design is W3 complaints.
  4. These CMS based websites are very easy to understand and use the administration section.
  5. You can easily modify, add and delete content from the website.
  6. Most of the CMS can be installed easily and integrated into CMS to add new features or functionalities.
  7. These can be easily upgraded from one version to other.

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