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App Store Optimization

App store optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process for optimizing mobile applications to augment the traffic and visibility for generating more volume of organic download. This process helps you rank higher in Search of app store. The more visible you are the chances of converting potential customer to regular customer get higher. It diverts more and more traffic to your application’s page and makes it easier for the customer to download it. It helps you trim down User Acquisition i.e. UA Costs and brings you a high-quality user base for Android and iOS app without any cost. It is fundamental for Mobile Growth strategy. App Store Optimization makes you understand the functioning of store, target user base and keywords used for potential customers. It helps you shortlist what keywords are searched or given through voice command for finding the application. With the continuous evolution of the app store, it has become important to increase the visibility of apps in the Similar App or Featured App sections as well. App Store optimization is not an easy process. It requires a deep and thorough understanding of your target user base which is the biggest challenge, the publishers in the mobile sector facing today. App stores are flooded with thousands of apps in the app market to rank on the top. ASO is one of the biggest choices for the overall success and improving your visibility in no time if utilized correctly.

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